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Says a lot about you for checking out this “About Us” section, respect. Seven Five Nine started off as a group of designers, professionals, artists and bankers who are seeking subtle street smart wear coupled with a level of exclusivity that mirrors our lifestyle and successful endeavors across several industries. It is important to celebrate success.

Before venturing into opening Seven Five Nine to the “public”, pieces were produced were only distributed to a little over 100 members. This clash of opinions in fashion between designers, artists and bankers resulted in producing desirable pieces with the right balance of subtlety and flamboyance.

Unlike an invitation-only membership access, we introduced the code-access approach so that everyone, including the originals members, have equal access rights. Codes change depending on availability, demand and release of new items. We will work hard on maintaining this promised level of exclusivity. Furthermore, unlike any fashion brand we are aware of, we publish exact production number of our One-Timers.


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